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  1. Reservations will only be confirmed on receipt of your signed booking form & non-refundable deposit/room hire fee.

  2. Confirmation of final numbers and the remaining balance must be submitted 10 days prior to the event, after which time this will be the minimum figure applied to your invoice.

  3. Provisional reservations will be deemed to have lapsed in the event of non-confirmation within two weeks.

  4. Confirmation of a provisional booking can be made by letter, telephone, email or fax.

  5. Payments can be made using a Credit or Debit Card or Cash only.



  1. Cancellations must be notified in writing by letter, telephone, email or fax. Any cancellations made verbally must then be verified in writing.

  2. Any deposits will remain non-refundable

  3. Cancellations made prior to 28 days notice will only incur additional costs should the Club have outlaid money for hire or purchase of requirements for the event.

  4. Cancellations made with less than 28 days notice will incur additional charges:-


  1. We are a fully licensed premise for the sale of intoxicating liquor.  Any extension requirements must be made stipulated prior to confirmation of the event

  2. Following last orders guests/clients are requested to finish their drinks & vacate the premises 30 minutes after time has been called.

  3. The Manager reserves the right to deny the sale of liquor to any client or guest who appears to be intoxicated, under age or cannot provide valid ID on request. 

  4. The sale of liquor to be consumed by a guest who appears, intoxicated or under age without valid ID will not be permitted.



  1. The Manager reserves the right to judge acceptable level of noise or behaviour of the client, guests or representatives and ask the client to take all steps necessary to correct unacceptable behaviour in order to remain on the premises.

  2. In the event of a failure to comply with the managers requests, the club reserves the right :-

  • Stop the event

  • Ask a guest to leave the premises

  • Request police assistance

  • terminate the contract without being liable to any refund or compensation

  1. All guests must remain in the function room that has been allocated.

  2. Please note should any additional cleaning or damaged incurred maybe charged to the client following the event.


  1. No wine, spirits or food may be bought into the club premises or grounds by members or guests under any circumstances without the prior agreement of the Manager.

  2. Only food prepared on the premises will be able to be consumed

  3. The Club does not allow any pre-prepared catering to be brought onto the premises

  4. Catering which is ordered for your function will be removed should it not be consumed in a given time

  5. Catering which is not consumed will not be able to be taken from the premise under any circumstances


Tally Ho is owned and governed by West Midlands Police & maybe subject to additional verification

Tally Ho cannot accept liability for any failure to provide the services contracted which are due to circumstances beyond our control, including weather, supply of utilities, fire alarm evacuation or due to the premises being part of West Midlands Police, any Police Operational Emergencies.

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